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Jeddah, KSA, December 18, 2016: The Spartan Race is the world’s best
obstacle race. With over 240 races in 25 countries around the world, the
Spartan Race came to Riyadh on December 17 th , 2016. The race was not
your everyday running race; participants had to run, climb, push, throw
and crawl through walls, hills, mud, barbed wire and other challenging
Always up to the challenge, four AJIL employees; Mohammed Alghamdi,
Saad Kanaan, Bader Abuhmail and Zahid Talal Zahid participated in the
Spartan Race that took place at the Dirab Motor City in Riyadh. All four
successfully completed the course and were awarded ‘Finisher Medals’
and limited edition shirts.
Mohammed alghamdi and Saad Kanaan have competed in several
Spartan Races and other physical challenges across the region, but for
Bader Abuhmail and Zahid Talal Zahid, this was their first experience.
Zahid Talal Zahid explained, “This was my first Spartan Race and I have
been preparing for it for quite some time. Although the practice and
preparation did help me, it was the other members of Team AJIL that
made all the difference! We motivated one another and gave each other
the confidence and strength to get past the next obstacle and across the
finish line!”
The four AJIL employees were sponsored by AJIL FINANCIAL SERVICES
COMPANY. AJIL’s General Manager, Mr. Matar Al-Khateeb, commented,
“At AJIL we work with each one of our customers to help them achieve
their business objectives, guiding them across the obstacles and
challenges that come with every day. With that in mind it was fitting for us
to sponsor the participation of four of our employees in the Kingdom’s
first Spartan race.” Mr. Al-Khateeb added, “All of us are very proud of our
team and their ability to work together in overcoming the obstacles and
demonstrating our company’s spirit and determination.”
The Spartan Race will be coming to Jeddah in 2017 and Team AJIL is
already back in the gym getting ready for the next challenge.